The Mission of NETiker is to support, facilitate and enhance the research activities of individual researchers and research groups.

Our professional services can provide a bridge between university researcher teams, companies and other elements of the R&D&i system, with a view to potentiating the transfer of knowledge from the University sector to the national and international socioeconomic medium.

At NETiker, we are dedicated to providing advanced value-added services in the following areas:

  • Innovation management
  • Evaluation of R&D&i
  • Management of Digital scientific publications
  • Analysis of State of the Art and Benchmarking

Payment methods

There are three options:

  • 1. Bank Transfer.
    • Bank name: Caja Laboral
    • IBAN: ES35 - 3035 - 0211 - 14 - 21100221512
  • 2. Cheque, or bank draft, payable to ISON Systems S.L. which should be sent by registered mail to:
    • ISON Systems
    • c/Rodríguez Arias 6 · 6º Dpto. 610
    • E-48008 Bilbao, Vizcaya,
    • SPAIN
  • 3. Credit card via PayPal.